Sunday, May 18, 2008

The TiVo finally died

As the subtitle of this website mentions, part of my mythtv journey has been getting my wife to give up the TiVo in favor of the mythbox. After several years of resistance, I finally started to really win her over one we got our new HDTV. In the 2 months since then, she stayed pretty clear of the TiVo. She went back briefly on a few occasions when the mythbox failed to record something. However, even that occasional problem has been solved now that she knows she can just get the episode via a torrent.

She's been 100% TiVo free for over a month now. Things have been going so good, I was just about getting ready to pull the plug on the TiVo permanently. However, yesterday the issue was forced...the TiVo no longer functions. It's failing to pass through any signal via the coax or ouput anything on the composite output. The system powers up, the drive spins, but nothing happens. I just get a blank screen.

The TiVo functioned for a good 4.5 years, so at least I feel I've gotten good use out of it. I'm just glad I was able to get her to make the transition on her own terms, rather than having the thing yanked out from under her. The mythbox was able to win on its merits, rather than by default. here to read more!