Thursday, March 20, 2008

Patch to configure mythmusic exit action

I released a tiny new patch today. This patch is for the mythmusic plugin. It allows you to configure the action you want mythtv to take when exiting the mythmusic plugin while music is playing back.

Currently, when you are use the mythmusic pluging and are playing some music, if you try to exit the plugin (perhaps to do other things in myth), you get prompted whether you want to stop playback or contiue playback. For myself, if I didn't want the music to keep playing, I'd hit the stop key first, so getting prompted every time gets a bit annoying. In addition, if I hit a jumppoint key (perhaps to jump into the photo gallery), music playback stops instantly with no option to exit.

This patch gives you the option to configure the action to take when exiting. By default, it maintains the current behavior. However, you can also set it to always stop playing or to always continue playing. In either case, you can exit myth without being prompted. In addition, if you set it to always continue playing, it will do so even if you exit the plugin by using a jumppoint.

This patch will work with either myth 0.21-fixes or trunk.

You can download the patch file from Ticket #5008.

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